Thursday, October 10, 2013

Writer's Block

Have you aspiring writers ever had writer’s block?

Writer’s block is that pitiful, pathetic moment in your story that you can’t seem to get past, no matter what you do.  You think, and you think, and think some more, but the next situation just won’t come to you.

I’ve had it.  I still have it.

With me, it isn’t what I want to happen that won’t come to me…it’s getting to what I want to happen that kicks my behind.  And, to make matters worse, when I’m getting to what I want to happen, the characters take over…and go off in a direction that I never expected.

My first book, If You Could Read My Mind, was not supposed to be the book that it was.  I still feel that I didn’t write that book – it wrote itself, and it became a totally different book than I expected.

But, it still turned out to be a good story!

I would suggest that if you have writer’s block, just continue writing.  If you know your characters well, begin writing a conversation between them…or have them do something mundane, like shopping for groceries.  Just be certain that nothing else is going on that will be interrupted by your activity.  As you write the conversation…or the mundane occurrence…or whatever…your story will pick up, and expand…and you must be prepared to have your story go in a direction that you aren’t expecting.

It will still be a good story!

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M.)

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