Monday, September 28, 2015

Time? Who Needs It?

I seem to have misplaced some time…have any of you seen it anywhere?

I have no excuses for not writing a blog entry lately. None.

But, I do have reasons.

I’ve made no secret in the past that I worked part-time for the local community college. Well, since August 17th, 2015, I’ve taken on that job full-time.

Add to that all the ins and outs of buying a house.

I’ve barely had time to breathe, much less write a blog post.

And, for the foreseeable future, I will continue to steam along with all of this. Even after the closing papers have been signed, and the keys placed into our hands, the fast pace will continue.

But, I wouldn’t trade any of it.

So, a few things have changed in the world of my writing. Let me try to update you on what I’ve figured out so far.

I’ve scrapped the idea of a pen name. I just don’t have the time.

As you’ll recall, I’ve mentioned that I have three short stories ready to go: Eli’s Coming, Heart Of Glass, and the third story that was intended to be released under a pen name. Well, now it’s coming out under my own name, and the title is The Devil’s In The Details. I’m actually reworking it slightly so that it can be released as an entry in the Tales Of Sardis County series. No song title for this one, but that works out just fine.

The novel that I’m working on for the Sardis County series, I’m Your Boogie Man, won’t see release this year, unless it’s close to Christmas. I just can’t help it.

The next Justice Security novel, Hell’s Bells, will be out sometime next year…again, I can’t help the delay. It will be followed by another Justice novel, Black Dog. Then, another Sardis novel…Werewolves Of London.

I know what I need to get written. I just have to find the time to do it.

Maybe, after we’re settled into the new house, more time will be available.

Keep your fingers crossed, send your prayers and good feelings my way, and I think we can get this all done.

In the meantime, all I ask for you to do is…

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