Monday, October 21, 2013

What Have You Done?

What have YOU done to further your writing lately?

Have you typed a sentence?  A paragraph?  A page?

Remember, I told you that it starts with only a sentence…then, another…and another…and pretty soon you have a paragraph!  Then, another paragraph, and another…then, you have a story!

You can comment on this blog, by the way…and I’d like you to!  I’d like your comment to show your first sentence.  No titles, no stories…only the first sentence you’ve typed.  Let’s see it!

The longest journey begins with one step, says an ancient Chinese proverb.

Show us all your one step!

And keep reading!

Michael (T. M.)


  1. Just to open the ball, here's the opening line from "Don’t Come Around Here No More": “I don’t give a rat’s ass what you’re lookin’ for!” shouted the skinny, grizzled old man. “Don’t come around here no more!”

  2. I woke up choking on vomit.

    First line in my untitled zombie novel.

  3. I have not written a first sentence to a fiction novel. However, one of these days I do want to write an e-book, however it will be non fiction.

  4. Jana, your first sentence doesn't have to be from a fiction novel! If you have one, you are most welcome to share it.

    Why not turn "one of these days" into today? If you're sitting at your computer, open your word processing program, and type your first sentence. Then, come back later and add to it! Sometimes, a five-minute start is all you need, and I have confidence in you!