Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Great Debate

As a writer, I often find myself debating at the end of every short story that I complete:  Do I submit this story to a magazine, or do I send it straight to for eBook, Audiobook, and possibly a paperback?

It’s a difficult choice sometimes.  For example, because I’ve submitted Saturday In The Park – A Justice Security Short Story to two magazines for possible publication, my hands are tied about publishing it on Amazon…I have to wait until it’s either accepted by one of the two magazines, rejected by both magazines, or, I have the option of pulling the story from consideration for publication.

I hate to pull it.

From those in my behind-the-scenes support, it has a unanimous “Great story!”  The story takes place within about ten minutes in the lives of the Justice Security partners, begins with action, and doesn’t let up.  I’m dying to let you fans read it!

But, those magazines…

Here’s the thing, to quote a TV detective:  Copyrighting that story represents a financial investment.  If I put the story on Amazon, it would take an awful lot of sales to cover the cost of copyrighting, not to mention the time involved writing and tweaking the story.  A sale to a magazine represents cost covering and a bit of profit right off the bat.

Sometimes, there is no choice but to publish directly on Amazon…when the story is too long, for example.  Don’t Come Around Here No More, which I’m writing now, is a prime example.  Most magazines have a limit of 7500 words in a story, and this one is going to be well past that.  But, the story is fun, and it’s going directly to Amazon for publication as an eBook, a paperback, and possibly an Audiobook.

Magazines sometimes take months to decide, and it could be January before all determinations are in.

I can wait.


Keep reading!

Michael  (T. M.)

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