Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cover # 4

The fourth story that I wrote was Jackie Blue - A Justice Security Novel.  This novel told the story of Jacqueline Belew, foster mom to five special needs kids.  Jackie had a gift - she knew the outcome of every game of chance, from lottery tickets to sports.  A member of the Giambini crime family observes Jackie earning a few hundred dollars to repair the wheelchair that one of the foster children must have.  The criminal, who observes Jackie winning through lottery scratch-offs and a long shot at the track, kidnaps Jackie for use in knowing the outcome of sporting events by the Giambini family.  The foster children come to Justice Security and hire them to find Jackie Blue.  Once hired, Joey begins putting pressure on the Giambinis...which leads to deadly consequences.  The story also features a cameo appearance by Madeline, the heroine from If You Could Read My Mind - A Nicholas Turner Novel.

Jackie Blue also gives an insight into Joey's character, especially at the dramatic climax in Giambini's office.

One other note:  This novel stands alone.  Some of the events in Jackie Blue take place at the same time as events in Mama Told Me Not To Come.  My "author's note" at the beginning of Jackie Blue points this fact out to the reader...but I emphasize that reading Mama Told Me Not To Come before reading Jackie Blue enhances the story, but isn't necessary.

Here is the original cover:

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