Friday, January 26, 2018

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

These are exciting times for independent authors, like me! Especially those that offer books through many different retailers…again, like me!

Let me explain…

Google Play has announced that it has expanded into offering audiobooks. That is great news! It’s only a matter of time before independent authors are selling audiobooks through them. I have audiobooks, but they were produced under a contract that forces them to be available only at Amazon, Audible, and Apple. I own the rights to those audiobooks, and the contracts will begin expiring in 2020. After that, they’re mine to distribute anywhere and everywhere…and Google Play will be one of those locations!

I also have three stories that have not been produced as audiobooks…along with any new stories that I create. I’m working right now on having one of those three produced (it’s Eli’s Coming, and Patrick Peterson will be returning to narrate it), and the other two I hope to have later this year.

Those three will be available all over the place, not just at three retailers.

The next bit of news is from Barnes And Noble. They’ve announced a recommitment to eBook sales, and have opened up print-on-demand, or POD, for books. Now, I have paperback books available already, and they are for sale or can be ordered by almost any bookstore or book retailer.

But, Barnes And Noble offers hardback options.

I’ve taken informal polls from friends and acquaintances, and many would like to have a hardcover copy of some of my books…even if it’s through Barnes And Noble.

I’m working on one right now. Hold tight, and save your pennies! It’s coming!

The third bit of news for independent authors like me is huge. Kobo is teaming with Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart will be offering eBook titles through this team-up, along with Kobo eReaders and tablets. And, yes, my eBooks are available through Kobo…and will be available at Wal-Mart!

My goodness, great news all around for independent authors!

Now, here’s another piece of good news…for YOU.

If you haven’t picked up your eBook copy of Hell’s Bells – A Justice Security Novel, January 26th – January 29th is the time to grab it! The price will be 99 cents at all eBook retailers. And, because of the time involved at some retailers for resetting a price, it may be available at that price now! Check it out, and grab your copy now!

So much news! I hope that some of my excitement rubs off on you as you…

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T. M. Bilderback (But you can call me Michael)

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

I usually keep these blog posts limited to writing suggestions and book promotions, but, because of curious folks, I’ll clue you in to some of the things about my life that aren’t generally known.

Today, I’ll talk about my coin collection.

I collect coins. I’ve had a fascination with them since I was a child, but I didn’t really get into full-blown collecting until around 2010 or 2011…I don’t remember which year.

I don’t know what fascinates me about coins. They’re only small pieces of metal stamped with different denominations and depictions of funny-looking men.

When I was a kid, I used to love looking at pocket change, finding the dates and being fascinated with coins that were minted in years before I was born. It was amazing to me! I would find one that was, say, ten years older than me, and I’d think about the fact that it existed long before I did.

As I got older, I was fascinated by the potential piece of history that I held in my hand. Who held this coin before I did? Where has this coin traveled in its existence?

I also was fascinated by coins from other countries. When I was young, it was mostly Canadian coins mixed in sporadically with pocket change. When I received a Canadian penny or a Canadian nickel in pocket change from spending my allowance, I would examine them with a robust curiousity. Who was this lady with the crown? Why did this penny have a maple leaf? Why did this nickel have a beaver? And why didn’t our coins have neat stuff like that?

Now, as an adult, I still find myself fascinated by the history of coins. I hold a quarter from the 1940s, and I wonder if, perhaps, it had been touched by some of my film favorites, like Lou Costello, John Wayne, or James Stewart…or, maybe, by a figure from history, like Franklin D. Roosevelt or Albert Einstein. I hold coins from the thirties, and I wonder the same things. Anyone could have touched them! The Marx Brothers, Al Capone, one of the Three Stooges, John Dillinger, maybe Bonnie, or Clyde, or both! Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Marilyn Monroe...maybe one of the construction workers that built the Empire State Building used a quarter from the thirties to buy lunch for a day. The list is endless!

And, I am still fascinated by coins from around the world. I have coins from all sorts of different countries. The same sense of wonder and possibility accompanies them…at least in my mind. I have a couple of early English pennies dated in the late 1700s, and I wonder who could have touched them. Did British royalty handle them? Or did one of our founding fathers touch them? British coinage was still used in the United States even after the Revolutionary War, so it’s possible.

History fascinates me…and coins bring that history directly to my hand.

Coins also bring the world to me, too. I have coins from Japan, Korea, China, Italy, Greece, the Isle Of Man, Samoa, Ireland, Mexico…far more countries than I care to list. With each coin, the history comes with it…overwhelming in its potential. It could be the big names from history, or just an average person living day-to-day. Who held it? Did it bring riches to them, or that day’s bread? Where has this coin traveled, and how did it wind up within my area of collection?

I also have a fascination with the metal that makes up coins. I have silver coins, copper coins, aluminum coins, zinc coins, steel coins...the list is endless.

That’s one of my collections…and a lot of the reason that I collect them.

Nothing book related in this particular blog…but, I hope I’ve given you a small insight into me. If you’re interested, of course.

Remember, though, that I AM an author…and YOU need to…

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T. M. Bilderback (But you can call me Michael)

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Friday, June 30, 2017

It's A Celebration!

It’s a celebration!

Here in the US, it’s a celebration on July 4th. Our country began its drive for independence.

July is also a celebration of Nicholas Turner and Justice Security.

The Justice Security novels and If You Could Read My Mind – A Nicholas Turner Novel are all priced at $2.99 until August 4th. That includes the pre-order of Hell’s Bells – A Justice Security Novel. On August 4th, all of those books will go to their regular price of $4.99.

But, that’s not all. Not by a long shot.

Each full week in July, one novel will be priced at 99 cents…with lots of promotional advertisements every week!

The week of July 3rd, If You Could Read My Mind – A Nicholas Turner Novel will be 99 cents.

The week of July 10th, Jackie Blue – A Justice Security Novel will be 99 cents.

The week of July 17th, the 99 cent special will be Jim Dandy – A Justice Security Novel.

And, finally, Cow Patty – A Justice Security Novel will be the 99 cent special.

And there you have it – the first appearance of Nicholas Turner, Madeline’s cameo at the end of Jackie Blue, and the two latest Justice Security novels leading up to Hell’s Bells!

Check my Facebook page all month – I’ll remind you each week which book is on sale. I hope you have a blast!

And I’m counting on you to…

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T. M. Bilderback (But you can call me Michael)

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Is Full Time A Dream?

I wonder what it’s like to write full time.

I would love to be able to do it. But, I face the same conundrum that many authors face: the need to make enough money to support the writing.

I have twenty-seven titles available at Amazon. I have just put up the eleventh entry into the Justice Security series, and I’m working on the fourth entry in the Sardis County series. I have another Justice Security story started, along with two stories that aren’t really anything yet, but one could be for a new pen name.

And I can’t seem to get them done as quickly as I'd like.

So far this year, I’ve published three short stories and one novel, and I should have at least one more novel ready to go before the end of the year.

The job I love is storytelling. I enjoy every word that I write. I’ve taken out frustrations with my stories, and I’ve gotten my private revenge with many of the characters that have met violent ends. I like coming up with situational jokes, and things that give the reader insight into a character. I like entertaining the reader for thirty minutes, or an hour, or several hours.

It makes me happy.

I wish that I could do it full time. I certainly would have much more output, and you, the reader, might benefit from the new stuff that I would be able to write.

But, not quite yet.

I still have to stumble along, and write a few words here and there each day.

But…maybe…someday...I’ll get the chance.

And I will blow you away with what I come up with.

That’s a promise!


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T. M. Bilderback (But you can call me Michael)

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Upchucking...I Mean, Up-And-Coming

Two stories are now available for your pre-order joy!

First up is Eli’s Coming – A Short Story. Here’s the synopsis…or blurb, if you prefer:

“You must hide your heart. Eli’s coming,” said the mysterious vendor to Gretchen Cantrell.

Gretchen dismisses this warning, and, later, she is murdered.

Gretchen’s friends, Stu Phillips and Cindy Frasier, become embroiled in the death of their friend.

And when the mysterious vendor appears to the two friends and gives them the same advice, that advice turns into a very public fight with a demon…a demon that lives on burning heartache.

Will Cindy and Stu defeat the demon, or will the demon feed once more? Find out in T. M. Bilderback’s Eli’s Coming!

Not much else that I can say about this story. It goes live on May 31st, 2017, and is available for pre-order from your favorite eBook retailer.

Also available for pre-order from your favorite eBook retailer is Hell’s Bells – A Justice Security Novel. Here’s the synopsis for it:

Thirty seven children, along with their bus driver, have been kidnapped on their way to school. They’ve been hidden away in a location known only to the kidnappers, and booby-trapped so that explosives will go off at 5 PM, unless the kidnappers receive their demands.

What they want is simple: Joey Justice. They want to trade Joey to Esteban Fernandez for the bounty, and they’ll kill the children unless it happens.

The city’s FBI chief, Marcus Moore, orders Justice Security to call in a specialist in child abduction cases to help find the children…Nicholas Turner. Marcus also knows that Nicholas will bring his secret weapon along with him – his half-angel daughter, Madeline.

Justice Security finds the kidnappers with plenty of time to save the children. But, when an unfortunate accident kills the kidnappers before the location of the children can be revealed, all seems lost.

However, Joey comes up with a solution that only Madeline can help them with.

Why not go to Hell and ask the kidnappers?

Going to Hell is dangerous, and there’s always a mortally high price to pay when someone starts ringing Hell’s Bells.

Who lives? Who dies? Find out what happens when Justice Security goes to Hell in the eleventh Justice Security story from T. M. Bilderback – Hell’s Bells!

This story, I hope, will grab your heart, wrench out a few tears, and make you think about your life…and its shortness.

It goes live on July 31st. I hope you’ll reserve yours soon.

Current stories in the works include the new Sardis County story, I’m Your Boogie Man. It will be released this year, but I can’t be certain when.

Also coming soon is a pen name story, which I can’t talk about…besides being something kinda different, it’s also coming out under a pen name. Can’t give that away, either.

Other stories in the works? Escape (Justice Security), Black Dog (Justice Security), Werewolves Of London (Sardis County), and a possible sequel to Empty Eyes. There may even be a couple of short stories left in me…we’ll see.

I hope you enjoy all of these, and I truly appreciate my readers.

Most of all, please…

Keep reading!

T. M. Bilderback (But you can call me Michael)

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