Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm Guilty...And I'm Ashamed

I’m so ashamed.

Yep, I’m totally guilty of not being as vocal as I should on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

I can’t help it, though…please bear with me!  There are reasons!

The biggest one is that I’ve been writing like a mad fool…of course, there are those that say that my writing has been the scribblings of a madman all along.  But, this time is different!

I recently set a goal for myself of a minimum of 1,000 words of fiction per day.  Once I hit the thousand, I try to keep going…and going…and going.  I’m so enthusiastic about this new project, and the story is flowing so well, that a day of only 1,000 words is usually because I’ve had personal errands to run, or I’ve come up with something new to add to my website.

Yesterday was one of those days.  I only wrote 1,255 words.

In reality, that’s not a bad fiction writing day.

But, it was done between eleven PM and one AM last night.

I had personal errands to run yesterday afternoon, and yesterday morning, I installed something new on my website!

I’m proud to say that I’ve installed New Story Progress Meters directly on the front page of my website, along with the cover from my latest published story.

You can follow the progress of each story as I write.  Now, please note that I have to guess as to the final word count of each story that I’m writing.  You all know how I write – I write until the story is done, no matter what the word count.  I never know for sure until I’m finished what the final word count will be.  As I’m writing, if I see that it’s going to take more words than I estimated, I will change the number of words, giving a more accurate percentage of the finished story.

Of the stories listed, you’re only going to see changes on one story – the Secret Justice Security Story - for the foreseeable future, because I need to finish it quickly.  There is a reason that I won’t elaborate on.  Once it’s done, I can go back to the other three listed there, and add a fourth.  I actually have five more that I’m working on, but I’ll only list four at a time for now.

Make sense?  Wow, I hope so!

So, please, check out my website and watch the progress meters!  I think it’s something new that you’ll enjoy.

While you’re at it, just…

Keep reading!

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