Friday, July 11, 2014 - A New Outlet For Indies

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Yesterday, I mentioned that I had found a place that lets allows an independent author to list all of the places that offer his/her titles in one, easy to find place.

It’s called

Now, oAuthor isn’t your usual bookstore.  It doesn’t allow you,  as the reader, to browse the online shelves.  No, you have to wait for a link to be given to you by the author, either through social media or through blogs like this one.

I’ve been gradually adding titles, and letting people know about them.

I’ve been making comments about each title’s availability in Tweets on Twitter (@mrtmbilderback) and Facebook posts on both my personal page and on my Author Page.  Today’s blog entry will list the titles that are there so far.

I say “so far” because I don’t have all of my titles listed there yet, and each title’s availability keeps changing for the ones that are there.

From time to time, I’ll do a Google search for independent online bookstores, and I’ll search them to see if my titles are offered, either eBook or print editions.  If I find one, I’ll add it to the list at and repost.  And I’ve been finding them every day!

So, instead of posting each time, I’m putting the oAuthor links here.  Now, these are the ones that I have listed so far – I still have a few to go, and I will post the links to them here, too.

Now, here’s a kicker:  you can purchase titles directly from me on!  It’s quick and easy, and formats are EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.  If I don’t have your favorite title available to download from oAuthor, it’s because the eBook is still Amazon exclusive for now.  But, by the end of August, they should all be available there.

So, if you haven’t checked out some of my titles, this is your opportunity to do so, and to choose the format and seller that best suits you.

Here’s the list:

There you have it…click on any of the above titles, and you’ll be taken to the oAuthor page for that title!

I’ll have the rest listed over the weekend, and will include them in my Monday blog.

And for all of you independent authors out there, check this place out!  Here’s the link:!  It’s well worth your time, and it’s another outlet for getting your titles where they belong – in the hands of the readers!

And, while I’m at it, please sign the petition.  The link is below my signature.  Thank you, and…

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M. Bilderback)

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