Friday, August 1, 2014

Now THAT'S Entertainment!

How do you like to be entertained?

I’ll bet that the first thought that came to your mind was “TV”.  Maybe it was “Movies”, or “Music”.

How many of you thought “Books”?

Books aren’t just for instruction or information.  They’re a form of entertainment, too.  With a book, you can enter someone’s life for a period of time.  You can fly through space as the co-pilot of a spaceship.  You can solve the mystery of who killed X.  You can fight your way through the battlefields of a war zone, or enjoy the blossoming romance between two lovers.  You can be terrified by ghosts, witches, and things that go bump in the night…and rally behind the things that hunt them.

Books can paint pictures in your mind.  Each brush stroke is a paragraph, each word is a color, and the pages are the canvas.

Writers are storytellers.  We’re entertainers.  With our words, we try to entertain you for the time that you are reading our stories.  We paint our pictures into your minds, using either your eyes or your ears to enter your imagination.

We want you to become lost in our stories.  We want you to enjoy what you’re reading, whatever your genre might be.  And, if my stories aren’t to your taste, there are thousands of other entertainers whose stories you will enjoy.

Books are the source material for most movies, and many TV shows.  Movie studios or TV producers try to bring the story to life.  While it may not be what you pictured in your mind, it’s still an attempt to show the story that a writer has created.  It’s an homage to the writer’s work.

But the best homage to an author is made by you.  You’re the reader.  You depend on us to create characters that you can relate to, or sympathize with.  You ask us to make sure the bad guys are bad, the creatures are scary, and that good triumphs over evil…or evil triumphs over good…or somewhere in-between.

Today, more entertainers than ever before have entered your life, unbound by the gates opened by Amazon just a few short years ago.  Entertainers to whom, for one reason or another, you never would have had an introduction had it not been for Amazon.

Enjoy this time.  Pull up a chair, and enjoy an evening’s entertainment.  Meet some new authors.  After all, we’re here for you, so that you can…

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M. Bilderback) Petition

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