Thursday, July 3, 2014

No Rest For You!

Okay, people, are you ready?

You have a long weekend to get this done, so let’s get this party started, shall we?

If you prefer nonfiction, your assignment is this:  Write instructions on how to set up a coffee maker to brew a pot of coffee.

Here’s your first sentence:  “Start with a clean coffee pot.”

You are to list each step, from filling the pot to filling the cup.  Don’t leave anything out, and pretend that you’re explaining it to someone that’s been asleep since 1950.

You have until Monday to finish.

Now, for you fiction writers.

Fiction can be anything, with a simple beginning.  Once begun, your imagination takes over, and can lead you anywhere!

With the nonfiction assignment above, most of them will be the same from every nonfiction writer.  Step by step.  Methodical.

Fiction can go in any direction at the discretion of the author.  Once I give you your sentence, your story can be about anything.

So, here it is:  She watched as he came closer.

There’s your beginning.  Take over.  Write 2,000 words over the weekend.  Explain who the two people are – their names, brief descriptions, what they do for livings, etc.  Explain why he’s coming closer.  Explain why she is letting him come closer.  Is she happy?  Excited?  Frightened?

I don’t know – it’s your story.  Let your imaginations run free.

Comments are always welcome…please post them for all of us to see!  But, I do not want you to post your finished product on this page, for copyright reasons.  But feel free to offer comments and synopses.  And, if you have time after all that, pick up a book, or an eReader, and…

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M. Bilderback)

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  1. Michael, I LOVE this challenge and am going to write my 2000 words of 'fiction' !!! HOW EXCITING!