Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Spent Some Time Yesterday Twerking...I Mean, Tweaking!

I spent a little time working yesterday, tweaking my website here and there.

A kid with a new toy.

Actually, it was a necessity.  I’ve decided to go back to being Amazon exclusive for a while.

I notified Smashwords, and “unpublished” my eBook titles there.  While I’m still showing up at Blio, Flipkart, and Oyster, I’m confident that I’ll be able to click the “enroll” button very soon at Amazon KDP to enroll all of my titles in Select…and Unlimited.

My decision is based on the fact that I’ve been exclusive to Amazon for a few years, and the borrows from Prime members actually helped my income.

I’m hoping that Kindle Unlimited does the same thing.

But, if it doesn’t, it’s only a three-month trial, right?

If Unlimited doesn’t perform as well for me as I hope, I can always go back to Smashwords, and I can always start offering my stories through my own website with Sellfy and PayPal.

And now we come back to what I was tweaking on my website:  I was setting up links that lead directly to Amazon for each version of each title.

Then, yesterday afternoon, my wife and I went to babysit two of our grandkids while their parents celebrated their wedding anniversary.  I got a little bit written, but when the grandkids want Grampy to play, how can I not heed the call?

Each independent author has to make their own business decision as to the path they take.  What is best for me right now is exposure, and I think that being part of Kindle Unlimited will help that…for now.

My options are always open, however…and yours should be, too.  And it’s only three months.  I can do that standing on my head!

But, as for you…just…

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