Monday, July 28, 2014

It's A Personal Record!

I’ve never written so many words in one day.

Yesterday was such a day.

I have this writing project that I’m working on – it’s the next entry in the Justice Security series.  It’s a novel, and I’ve been working on it since the first of this month.

No, it’s not Hell’s Bells.

Yes, long-time readers of this blog will remember that I said that Hell’s Bells would be the next Justice Security novel.

But, something came up, and I can’t talk about it yet.

I can say that I’ve been writing like a madman.  I can say that I’m doing something that I’ve never done before.  I also can say that it’s the next Justice Security story, and that Esteban Fernandez returns, with all of his insanity intact.  That’s about all that I can reveal.

I can also say that I believe you’re going to like it.  As usual, the story has action, adventure, humor, and a touch of romance, just like a normal Justice Security story.

Anyway, this project has actually been one of the easiest that I’ve ever written!  The words are coming to me easily, and I set a personal record for words written in one day yesterday – 2,830.  The story is 20,230 words so far.  That’s a lot of writing for me in one day!

I’m trying to finish this one as quickly as I can, so that I can put the finishing touches on Junior’s Farm – A Tale Of Sardis County.  There’s a synopsis of Junior’s Farm on my website, under “News And Events”.

Also in the pipes is another story featuring dear old British Colonel Abernathy.  It’s title is Heart Of Glass.

And, of course, Hell’s Bells.

I had to put all of those on hold for now, however, so that I could get this Justice Security story written.  If I keep setting personal records, I'll have it finished in no time!

You’ll see why everything else is on hold for now until this one is completed!

Meanwhile, the petition hit 7,500 signatures.  The people that started this petition in opposition to Hachette, and the meager pittance that they pay to traditional authors, extended the signature total to 10,000!  So, if you haven’t signed the petition yet, please do so – the link is below my name.

And, if you haven’t liked my page on Facebook, or followed me on Twitter, or visited my website, those links are below my name, too.  Go check ‘em out…buy one of my stories, and…

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M. Bilderback)

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