Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Can We Have A Little Order, Please?

It’s a rare event for me to post two blog entries in one day.

Sometimes the occasion demands it.

I received a Direct Message from a follower on Twitter asking me in what order to read my Justice Security stories.  I’ve also been asked that same question from friends on my personal Facebook page, and in private messages.

The biggest question is:  Are the Justice Security short stories part of the continuity?

The answer is yes…sort of.

All of the stories are written so that they may be enjoyed individually, but later stories reference things that happened in earlier stories.  And the short stories often introduce plot additions that are used in the novels.  For instance, Someone Saved My Life Tonight introduced the “grunts” – the uniformed members of Justice Security.  It was needed, because grunts play a big role in Jackie Blue.

Now, most folks might think that the Justice Security stories begin with Mama Told Me Not To Come, and they’d be correct…to an extent.  It is labeled as Book # 1 in the series, but the true beginning is in my first novel, If You Could Read My Mind – A Nicholas Turner Novel.  It may be branded as # 1 in the Nicholas Turner series, but it’s truly the first story in the Justice Security series, even though Joey Justice is only mentioned briefly.

The reason that this is the first is not apparent to you, as the reader, just yet.  But, Marcus Moore, the FBI agent, is in both series.  He’s Nicholas Turner’s best friend, and he’s the government liaison for Justice Security.  Another character from the Nicholas Turner book has made two cameo appearances in Justice Security stories (Jackie Blue and The Little Drummer Boy), and will play a huge, deciding role in the upcoming Hell’s Bells, the team-up of Nicholas Turner and Justice Security.

So, for all of you fans, here’s the order in which the stories should be read:

      1.      If You Could Read My Mind
      2.      Mama Told Me Not To Come
      3.      Someone Saved My Life Tonight
      4.      Jackie Blue
      5.      Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
      6.      Saturday In The Park
      7.      MacArthur Park
      8.      The Little Drummer Boy

I hope that helps you as you enjoy these stories, and please…

Keep reading!

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Michael (T. M. Bilderback)


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