Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Teaser, Tailor, Manuscript Maker

I’ve been writing diligently on this darn Sardis County story so hard that I’m leaking!

Yep, I leaked a couple of teasers on my new Facebook Author Page.  So, to keep things fair and equal to those that haven’t gone there yet, I’ll repeat them here for all to see!

All of this is copyright by T. M. Bilderback.

Junior’s Farm – A Tale Of Sardis County teaser # 1:

    "“Hold your hand out like this.” Margo held her left arm straight, pointed at a right angle from her body. Her palm was aimed away from her body, and her fingers were curled.
    Katie copied the move.
    “Now, say the words written there, child,” said Margo.
    “But I can’t pronounce them!”
    “Try. The pronunciation will come to you naturally.”
    Katie shook her head in disbelief, then tried to say the words. To her surprise, they did come to her naturally. When she finished saying them, she felt something inside her moving, forming into a solid, pulsating mass. The mass then moved to her arm, and seemed to shoot from her palm in a blue flash, as if the blue power had been shot from a gun. Katie let out a small scream of surprise, then watched the blue light grow until it circled, she assumed, the entire farm.
    “Aunt Margo! What…what was that?” asked Katie.
    Margo smiled at her great-great niece. “What do you think it was, child?”
    Katie pondered for a moment. “It…it felt like…a protection spell.”
    Margo actually clapped her hands in happiness. Katie noticed that the cane remained standing even though the old woman’s hands were no longer holding it in place."

Junior’s Farm – A Tale Of Sardis County teaser # 2:

    "Joe Flore eased quietly up to Turley’s side. “Should we go take him out now, Moses?”
    Turley raised his binoculars. “No, not yet. There’s some broad with him. We got a little time. We’ll wait and see if we can catch him alone.”
    As Turley watched, he saw Alan and Katie get into the car and start toward the road.
    “Here they come! Everybody out of sight!” hissed Turley.
    The men ducked, hiding themselves behind bushes and trees. The car came to the end of the driveway, stopped, then turned toward town.
    Turley, who had quickly ducked under some bushes, did not move as the car fell out of sight.
    Tolani said, “Hey, boss, you can get up now. They’re gone.”
    “Be glad to,” replied Turley, quietly. “Just as soon as one of you comes and kills this f@#$%&g snake.”"

Joe Flore, Moses Turley, and Tolani are members of the Giambini crime family, last seen in "Jackie Blue - A Justice Security Novel".

I’m hoping that those teasers make you interested in reading the novel when I’m done with it…it’s already longer than Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – A Justice Security Novel and If You Could Read My Mind – A Nicholas Turner Novel.  I have no problems with length of my stories.  They continue until the story is told…no more, no less.  I don’t pad stories with extraneous material to make it longer.  The story is the story, no matter the length.

In tomorrow’s entry, I’ll tell you what I’ve been trying to do with my Twitter followers.  Longtime readers of this blog will remember once I spread the word…meanwhile, you’ve got to…

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M. Bilderback)

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