Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Something To Be Proud Of

Let me tell you what my dad has done.

It’s an inspiration to all writers.

My dad, Thomas Whitman Bilderback, or T. Whitman Bilderback, is seventy-six years old.  When my mom passed away in 2010, Pop kept his TV repair business going for another year or so.  Finally, repairing flat panel televisions became more costly than buying a new one, so he finally retired after over forty years in business.

That left him with time on his hands.

Pop began writing stories, mostly to entertain me, my wife, and our kids.  They were silly stories at first, with outrageous humor.

Then, they started turning a bit more serious.  His stories were heartwarming.  They were dramatic.  They were exciting.  He’s sitting on a science fiction story right now that I have read, and it’s a fine example of the genre.

Yesterday, with a little help from me, four of his stories have been published on Amazon, Kobo, and Inktera, and will be showing up later on Apple, Barnes & Noble, Scribd., Oyster, and a few others.

So, here’s my dad, seventy-six years old, publishing his first stories for all to read.

The story titles are as follows, and clicking on the title will take you to that story's page at Amazon, but they are available “everywhere that ebooks are sold”, or will be shortly.

I ask you to check them out, because I’m very proud of my dad, and what he’s accomplished.

The titles are:

I think you’ll like them.  And, there are more to come, so you’ll be able to…

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M. Bilderback – Thomas Michael Bilderback)

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