Tuesday, August 19, 2014

For The Readers

Over the past year, I have completed seven short stories, one novella (or novelette, if you prefer), and one novel.  I’ve published a three-novel compilation of the Justice Security novels, and a collection of the short stories.  I’m almost done with another novel, and if you’ll look at the New Story Progress Meters on the front page of my website, you’ll see that I have one short story, and three more novels in the works.

I’ve been writing like a mad fool, and have accomplished a lot more in the last year than I ever imagined that I could.  And, the more I write, the faster it goes.

The reason that I’ve tallied these up isn’t to brag.

It’s because of my die-hard fans, especially the fans of Justice Security.

I get requests for new Justice Security stories, and questions about when a new one will be coming out, all the time!  And I’m so grateful that the group of characters in these stories are gathering steam and becoming popular.

Reading the reviews of the first full Justice Security novel, Mama Told Me Not To Come, people either loved that one or hated it.  There was very little in-between.

Then came the first short story, Someone Saved My Life Tonight, with its theme of sacrifice and love, and the second full novel, Jackie Blue, that hinted at the depth of Joey’s feelings for doing the right thing, and the reviews changed.  They became four-and-five-star reviews.  People began responding to these characters.

And, while a lot of the storylines are over-the-top, as the series progresses, the characters are gradually showing their true colors.  We’re gradually seeing what they’re really made of, and how much they care for other people, and how much they care for each other.

And the action, hopefully, is unexpected when it happens in these stories.  They may seem over-the-top, but I try to base every explosion, every shootout, and every death in a way that makes it seem that it could happen…and, often, does happen.  Maybe the deaths I write about don’t happen so much in the U.S.A., but in other parts of the world, where human life is cheap and disposable.  I just place them in the U.S.A., in Justice Security’s unnamed Southern city, to give you an example of what ordinary people can do when they have to.

So, to the fans of Justice Security, thank you.  Those stories, and the ones to come, are for you, and I hope that they bring pleasure to you for years to come.

And I’m writing as fast as I can, just so you can…

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M. Bilderback)

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