Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I’ve noticed a shift away from physical entertainment.

It seems that, for most folks, digital is the way to go.

Books, music, movies…they’re all resorting to digital and streaming forms, and people seem to be embracing this development with enthusiasm.

But, I see problems.

Now, I’m as guilty as everyone else.  I have a good library of books on my Kindle e-reader and my Kindle Fire.  I also have the Nook for PC, and use it occasionally.

All of my music is digital now.  My car does not have a docking port, so, if I want to listen to a CD while driving, I burn one on my PC.

My Kindle and Kindle Fire need recharging more than I like.

But, while I have a few movies that can be streamed to my digital devices, I still love my Blu-ray discs, and will not be giving them up anytime soon.  The few that I own that can be streamed came with the purchase of a Blu-ray disc.

I’ve recently rediscovered the pleasures of holding an actual book in my hand.  If I drop it, it doesn’t break.  It never needs recharging.  It doesn’t require the use of electricity to utilize its entertainment value.  It only requires that I turn a page now and then.

If you’re one of those that embrace digital entertainment, that’s fine…just don’t forget to pay your electric bill.  And if you stream movies to your HDTV or other digital viewing device, don’t forget to pay your Internet bill.

I see those things as possible complications to going completely digital.

How about you?

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Michael (T. M.)

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  1. I am trying to make the move to digital, but I love my paper books! I have found I am not finishing books on my kindle reader but will stick with one if I am actually holding the paper book.

    I have lots of books that I enjoy if I don't have electricity or internet access!