Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Apple Part 3

Again with the apple...

Now that you've described the apple, and the knife, and the table, and your person at the table, it's time for something else.

I want you to describe, in detail, the consistency of the apple.

Describe its taste.  Is it a strong, overripe taste?  Is it a fresh, just ripened, perfect taste?

How is the texture?  Describe whether it's fresh, with a good texture, or if it's overripe, with a slightly mushy texture.

Describe how your person at the table is eating the apple.  Did your person take a big bite out of the apple, or did they use the knife and make bite-sized slices?

Do you see where the differences in writing styles are coming in with this?  You make the choices.  You are the person making the action happen, and you are the one that controls physical objects in your writing universe.  While I might describe a slightly mushy, overripe apple being eaten by someone with no other food in the house, you might be describing an afternoon snack, downed by a kid just home from school.

You can be as sparse as you choose, or you can be so wordy that your reader is lost in your descriptive prose.

Most of all, lead the reader along the path you want them to visit.  They'll love it!

And, of course, pick up a book, and keep reading!

Michael  (T. M.)

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