Monday, December 2, 2013

The Return Of The "Apple Person"

December 2, 2013 - the first Monday of December.

Time for you to write something all by yourself.

Remember your “apple person”?

I want you to take what you came up with about your apple person, and the bite taken from the apple, and the room description, and all the rest of it, and I want you to write some action.

Action, you say?  Yes, action.  Something must happen that will cause your apple person to react.  How does the apple person react?  I don’t know.  The story is yours.  It’s up to you to discover what direction your story is going.

First, determine what kind of story you plan to write.  Is it a mystery?  A romance?  A western?  A legal thriller?

I don’t know.  It’s your story.

Is it a short story?  A novella?  A novel?

Again, I don’t have a clue.  It’s your story, not mine.

You have the power to set up the scenario for your person.  You also have the power to direct the action.  And, if you have learned your character well, you have the power to control his/her reaction.

Once you’ve written that, and I’ll give you a few days to do it, I’ll get back with you and suggest a few other things to work on for yourself.

But, if you want to know the truth, your “apple person” and everything that you write about from this point on, is all you.  I can make suggestions, maybe point you in a direction, but the writing is all you.

Don’t show me what you can do.  Don’t show your sibling what you can do.  Don’t show the teller at the bank what you can do.

Show yourself what you can do.

You have all the time you need to do it, as long as you make yourself take the time to do it.

And, when you aren’t writing, pick up a book…or a magazine…or an e-reader…and…

Keep reading!

Michael  (T. M.)

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