Monday, December 16, 2013

How Do They Live With Themselves?

You know, it never ceases to amaze me how inconsiderate and downright mean some business establishments can be.

Below is a story shared on Facebook, and I have to share the story with you.  The story is copied and pasted directly from the social site.  If it's true, something should be done about it.

Needed to out Morton's Steakhouse in Nashville, TN, because of an incident that happened last night that shouldn't go unpunished. My company hosted their annual Christmas party last night at the restaurant. We wined and dined and accumulated a bill to the tune of nearly $2500. Near the end of the meal, a coworker of mine, who is battling cancer and undergoing treatments, put on a black beanie to cover his head because he was getting chilled, one of the many side effects of his treatments. When the waitress asked him to remove the hat, he and his family kindly explained that he had cancer. After getting a manager the waitress came back and said she would need to see a doctor’s note before he could resume wearing the hat. Of course this understandably upset his wife and children who then sought out the restaurant manager, who in turn, asked them to call ahead next time so that they could have placed us in a private room by ourselves. I had no idea cancer was so offensive in restaurants that we need to be separated, did you? Due to the rising emotions, the waitress then motioned over two policemen who told our party that they needed to leave. We left our half eaten desserts and fresh cocktails along with our PAID and TIPPED $2500 bill and left. Exactly which incident was more disturbing to the restaurant? Bullying an emotional cancer stricken family or allowing one man to wear a hat? The manager assured the rest of our group that the cops hadn't been "called" for us that they just happened to be around. He also told us that they could handle one person being upset but "not everybody else" So next time you are battling a potentially deadly illness make sure to call ahead to the restaurant you are planning on dining at with a doctor’s note, so that they can put you in a room by yourself. I've reposted my coworkers personal account on my wall if anyone wants additional details.”

In this day and age, with so much media attention given to stories like this, and how quickly they can go viral on the Internet, it amazes me that businesses still do things like this!

I live about two hours away from Nashville.  My wife and I usually make at least one trip per month there, but I can assure you that this particular restaurant won’t be seeing any of our hard-earned money.

I noticed in the comments that one person posted the story to the pages of WSMV-Channel 4 in Nashville, and to WTVF-Channel 5, also in Nashville.  Perhaps they will follow up with a broadcast story.

You know, I write about some really bad guys in my books – Esteban Fernandez comes to mind – but real life incidents like this always makes me wonder how people can live with themselves.

That’s the entry for today, faithful reader…

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Michael  (T. M.)

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