Friday, December 6, 2013

Cold As Ice

December 6, 2013, and the ice is building up.

Yep, it’s just right here in Tennessee for an ice storm, and the ice is slowly building up.

Folks that live in the north laugh at us Tennesseans for our reactions to snow and ice, but, if you haven’t had much experience driving in snow and ice, you’d understand.

Personally, I don’t find snow that bad.  You can travel in snow, if you use common sense and drive slowly and alertly.

Ice is another thing altogether.

Applying your brakes does nothing, except to make your car a two-thousand-pound ice skate.  You aren’t going to stop until you hit something that isn’t going to move, like a tree…or a bridge abutment.  It give real meaning to the phrase, “Slip Sliding Away”.

The simplest way to drive on ice is the best way:  Don’t.

Stay home.

Stay safe.

Stay warm.

If you continue to have electricity as the winter weather continues, then I would say that it’s a great time to do some writing.
If you lose your electricity, and can’t write?


Pick up a book, and…

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M.)

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