Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Breeze

Something different for this post…just for you!

The Breeze

The young woman faced into the wind. Her brown hair moved like a living thing in the breeze. It trailed out behind her, and molded itself along the sides of her head, as the breeze shaped her hair into a freehand style that she had never conceived in front of a mirror.

She closed her eyes as the breeze floated around her face. She smiled lightly, enjoying the feel of the wind. It moved along her face like a lover’s caress, and felt wonderful to her tired body.

The woman raised her arms, seemingly to welcome the breeze. The wind appeared to increase in strength the higher she lifted her arms.

Her light summer dress was pressed against her body by the breeze, and outlined her. It left little to the imagination.

The light, coming from the horizon, grew brighter against her skin even as the breeze grew stronger. Its red light warmed her skin. The light grew stronger, until it became painful, and the breeze grew so strong that she could barely stand.

Finally, the light intensified with an unheard-of abruptness. The young woman’s hair caught fire, and her skin blackened. It happened so quickly that she didn’t realize it was happening. Both skin and hair turned to ash, and blew away in the powerful breeze. Finally, her bones burned and turned to ash, and the young woman had been blown away in the strong breeze that had been pushed away from the mushroom cloud on the horizon.
            ©2015 T. M. Bilderback

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