Thursday, August 6, 2015

Psst...Hey...You Wanna Buy One 'A Dese?

I read and actually participated in a thread on a discussion board that sparked my imagination.

The originator of the thread rents table space, and sells print copies of independent author books in a high-traffic tourist area. He was interested in any authors that might consider letting him either buy copies cheap enough to give a discount, or if they would consider consignment.

Well, consignment was dismissed immediately, because of the headaches involved with tax laws, book conditions, etc.

However, another author came up with a fantastic idea. She said that since most indie books are published through Amazon’s CreateSpace on-demand publishing, we could offer the would-be vendor a deal using discount codes. With a 40%-off discount code, the vendor could purchase all the books he wanted to offer on his table, and sell them for whatever price he wanted without our involvement.

I, for one, immediately sent this vendor a private message, gave him the code for 40% of my print editions, and also gave him the link to my work at the CreateSpace store. The codes will only work at the CreateSpace site, and provides a deep discount for anyone interested in selling print books.

My imagination got sparked by this idea, and I thought that I would offer it to anybody out there interested in selling my print titles. Maybe you have a booth in a flea market, or a vendor table at some touristy place like Venice Beach or New Orleans. I’ll offer you the same deal.

My single novels have a list price of $14.99.  A discount of 40% means that each novel would cost you about $8.99. Of course, you would have to pay shipping to have the book delivered to you, but you divide that cost between each copy of the book you purchase, and there’s your item cost. You then can charge whatever you want to so that you could recoup your investment.

Keep in mind, if you have a brand-new print copy of a novel lying on the table in front of your potential customer, it would be mostly an impulse purchase…especially in touristy areas.

Interested? Contact me.

You can reach my here, in the comments section. You can message me through my FaceBook page at the link below. You can DM or Tweet me on Twitter – also linked below. Or, you can go to my website, listed below, and talk to me through the “Contact Me” section.

When I hear from you, I’ll send you the discount code and the link to my print books at the CreateSpace store.

I like this idea, and I hope you do, too. Mostly, I hope you…

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  1. That sounds like a great idea. I missed that message thread. Hmm....

    1. Stuart, I went to your blog site, and I sent you a message through there containing the link to the thread I was talking about.

      Hope that helps! ;o)