Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Countdowns And Advertising

One of the things that I like about being in Amazon Select and Kindle Unlimited will surprise you.

It’s the Countdown Deals.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Kindle Countdown Deals, you can price your book free for five days, and you can run a discount sale for up to a week.

I have two discount deals coming up in August, and I’m excited about them! As a matter of fact, I may run at least one more during August…I haven’t made up my mind on that one yet.

Yep, two of my titles will be available on sale during August for sure, however: If YouCould Read My Mind – A Nicholas Turner Novel is one. It will be 99 cents from August 17th through August 23rd. If you haven’t read my first novel, that would be the time to buy a copy. I consider this book a “prequel” to the Justice Security series, and, since I know what’s coming in the Justice Security universe, I strongly recommend that you read this one as a “refresher”.

The other title that will be on a Countdown Deal is Empty Eyes. I’ve blogged here before that this was supposed to be the novel that launched my pen name, because it isn’t based on a song. It’s a fast-moving, apocalyptic Sci-Fi tale about some genetically engineered mutants killing off humanity. It will be 99 cents from August 11th through August 16th. It was originally going to be a standalone novel, but my mind has been working on…well, never mind.

Those are the two Countdown Deals for August…at least, for right now.

Now, I want to talk about email book subscriber services. You know, those emails that you sign up for that send you notices about great deals on eBooks at the various eBook retailers. You know some of the names, like Bookbub, Ereader News Today, Fussy Librarian…did you know that authors and publishers pay to have their books listed in those emails? Yep…best kind of advertising around!

Now, Bookbub is great, and is by far the biggest…but, it’s VERY expensive for the average author, and chances are slim that your book would be chosen, anyway. I’ve never tried to advertise with Bookbub. I’d love to, but I just can’t afford it.

A great advertising source, for me, anyway, is Ereader News Today, or ENT. I’ve run several ads with them, and have had great results! For my limited budget, they’ve been really good to me, and I highly recommend them.

However, I’m trying a new up-and-comer with these two countdown deals: Robin Reads. Many authors have had good success with them, and I’m going to try them out…along with reminders for you on Facebook and Twitter. I recommend that you sign up for their daily email, and watch for my two titles in August!

I’ll try to make this a two-column week, and post another entry later this week. Until then, please pick up a book and…

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