Tuesday, August 25, 2015

And All Across The World...

Do you know what I find fascinating?

I look from time to time at the statistics for my website. I have the very basic statistics format available – it only tells me in what city and country a visitor to my website resides.

I’ve had visitors from all across the United States: Illinois, California, New York, Iowa, Virginia, Minnesota…well, you get the idea. And cities like The Bronx, Matteson, New York City, Pinson, Boone, Ackworth, Riverside, and Santa Cruz.

I’ve had visitors from China, England, Thailand, Portugal, Brazil, The Netherlands, Australia, and Canada.

I had one today from Tel Aviv, Israel. Whoever you were, thank you! You were my first Israeli visitor! Welcome!

The visitor from Tel Aviv fired up my mind. How wonderful it is that a simple writer in a small town in Tennessee can find fans as far-flung as the countries that I’ve listed. I certainly hope that all of those folks across the globe have had a chance to read one of my stories, and I hope they have enjoyed the story (or stories) that they read. It is a humbling thing to realize how much one’s writing influences people. Especially people that I’ve never met, and may never have the chance to meet.

When something so simple as a story or novel can bring fans together all across this tiny globe of ours, it makes me wonder how can wars begin, and why people can’t simply accept the differences of others.

Once you get past the stereotypes of various ethnic groups, or fellow countrymen, you’ll find that most people are the same. We all have the same needs and desires: food, shelter, good drinking water, safety for our children…the list goes on.

So, in short, people are mostly the same all across the globe. Our religions may differ, our skin tones might vary in hue, but we all bleed red.

Sometimes, people get so wrapped up in whatever fervor that might grip them, they forget that fact. They might fall into the hype of those people hate me because I believe this or those [fill in your choice ethnicity or nationality] are all alike.

No, they’re not.

And neither are you. Or you. Or you. Or me.

But, when one small writer can unite people across the world in just welcoming them in visiting a website, that shows me that more could be done to bring people together. If I can do it with my simple stories, imagine what else everyone can find in common...and everyone can rejoice in the differences. We're people, and overcoming the differences...the hype...the stereotypes...and the hatred can be done.

 By you. And you. Oh, and you over there, too. And me.

Thank you, one and all, for reading my work.

And, thank you for visiting my website.

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