Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Countdowns And Stories And Deals, Oh, My!

Everybody likes a good deal. You like ‘em, I like ‘em…they’re great!

So, right now, there’s a Kindle Countdown Deal happening, and my book, Empty Eyes, is the deal. Now through August 16th, you can pick up your very own copy of Empty Eyes for only 99¢!

Now, that’s either a great deal for you, or it’s the booby prize in your eBook collection.

Talking about Kindle Countdown Deals…that’s one of the better reasons for going back to Amazon exclusivity. I can run deals on my books, and you get the benefits!

And, of course, Empty Eyes, along with all of my stories, are free to read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. I invite all of you to subscribe, and take advantage of all the books that you won’t find anywhere else! Mine are there, my friends Tracy Sharp and Silas Payton are there, and so is the big man himself, J. A. Konrath. Also, Barry Eisler, Scott Nicholson, and Amanda M. Lee all have books in Kindle Unlimited. If you read on a budget, and want to read stories by authors that aren’t available anywhere else, KU is for you!

One story, however, is NOT included in Kindle Unlimited, and that's The Night Chicago Died - A Jack Daniels/Justice Security Novel. It's in J. A. Konrath's Jack Daniels And Associates Kindle World, and not part of KU right now.

Now, back to Empty Eyes…here is the synopsis of the story:

Paul Stiles is spending his Saturday morning mowing his lawn, when his next door neighbor dies a peculiar and spectacular death on Paul’s front lawn. Paul knows something terrifying is happening, but he doesn’t realize that it’s the beginning of a war of survival for humanity.

Islamic terrorists have paid rogue Russian scientists to create a plague of genetically created “bugs”, and have turned them loose on the free world, intending to kill the “infidels” of the world. But they didn’t take into account the unintended repercussions of these new creatures, like rapid breeding, or massive growth, or…using humans as both food and reproductive incubators.

As the world is quickly taken over by these “bugs”, Paul leads a group of survivors into the Rocky mountains, hoping against hope to find a way to combat the creatures…as long as they can stay away from those that have empty eyes.

But will that be enough to save humanity?

Find out in T. M. Bilderback’s first non-song-inspired novel,
Empty Eyes.”

One reviewer says that the story screams for a sequel. I had never intended to write another Empty story, but I just might…if I can get some of this other stuff that I’m working on off of my plate. So many stories, so little time…

In the meantime, pick up your copy of Empty Eyes while it’s on sale for 99¢. Or, read it for free with Kindle Unlimited. Either way, click here, grab a copy, and…

Keep reading!

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