Friday, June 13, 2014

You Want A Piece A'Dis?

Hey!  You want a piece of me?

I said, you want a piece of me?

Easiest way to do that is to buy one of my books.

“Booshwa”, you say.  Well, guess again.

Every fiction author has a piece of himself in every single character that he creates.  Granted, the beginning of each character may be based on someone that the author has seen or met, but the remainder of the character is coming from the author’s mind.  And heart.  And soul.

I’ve made the statement that when I write for the character of Esteban Fernandez, it scares me.  And it does.  He’s an insane, sadistic, no-holds-barred leader of a Mexican drug cartel.  He enjoys torturing people to death, he’s trying to branch into the city in which the Justice Security team resides, and is their mortal enemy.

Where in the heck is he coming from?  I can’t even watch the movie “Hostel” without having nightmares!

Fernandez is a part of me, in some deep, dark crevice…as is Joey Justice, Nicholas Turner, Marcus Moore, Louie Washington, Dexter Beck, Megan Beck, Misty Wilhite, Jessica Queen, Tony Armstrong, Margo Sardis, Colonel Quentin James Abernathy (Ret.), and Madeline.  They’re all here, each clamoring to tell their part of every story.  Sometimes, they take turns, as they should.  Other times, they’re all screaming at once, and aren’t making any sense at all…he said, tongue planted firmly in cheek…

My point is this:  don’t believe an author when they say, “a character doesn’t have any part of me in it”.  They’re lying through their teeth!  It may only be a small part, but each character carries a bit of their creator inside.

To those authors that say otherwise, I say, “Booshwa”.

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M. Bilderback)

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