Thursday, June 19, 2014

Support! It's All About The Support!

Do you support independent authors?

I do.

I AM one.

I have way more books by independents on my Kindle than I do from established, “legacy” authors.

Thanks to the ease of independent publishing nowadays, there are thousands of new voices, and they’re bringing with them their novels, their short stories, their nonfiction, their poetry…and their imaginations.

Independent authors are offering their dreams and ideas to readers.  They’re giving readers a choice, and they are not depending on traditional publishing to deliver those dreams and ideas.  For most of them, the big publishers dismissed their work as “not what we’re looking for”, or “I don’t think that story is marketable”.  Many independents are former “traditional publishing” refugees that have seen the light, and seen the writing on the wall.

Traditional publishers, with their lofty attitudes and even loftier pricing ideas, are pricing themselves right out of business…and they refuse to accept it!

I’m Twitter friends with a gentleman from Knoxville, Tennessee.  We follow each other on that site.  His name is Melvin Luster, and his Twitter username is @MelvinLusterJR.  Melvin is also an independent author, and one of his Tweets is the reason that I’m writing this particular entry.  I will invite him to read this blog, so that he knows that he’s my inspiration.  The Tweet that inspired me?  It reads:  “We’re not in competition!!!  Your success brings me success.”  Then he added a photo which reads, “We authors need to support one another better than what we’re doing.  Our success in this industry starts with us purchasing and promoting each other’s work.  My Kindle is full of books from up and coming authors.”

Melvin is right in that respect.  As an author of action/adventure/mystery/suspense/horror/science fiction stories, I will promote those authors that write the same type of things that I do.  I also will promote other genres, such as romance novels from one of my Twitter author followers.  I’ll promote a how-to book from one of my followers.  I will also promote the books that I’m currently reading.

But, we must also ask our readers and fans to promote, too.  They’re in this with us, and I’m grateful for every single reader that I have.

Now, for the promotion part:  A couple of days ago, I finished reading Save My Soul, by K. S. Haigwood.  It was a neat little novel, with good ideas and lots of fun.  And it’s by an independent author, and one of my Twitter buddies.

Now, I’m reading two books:  The first is Bloom County: The Complete Library Volume 1 – 1980-1982, by Berkeley Breathed.  It’s a hardcover book, available at your favorite bookstores.  The link is to Amazon.

The second book I’m reading is Sati And The Rider, by Winslow Eliot.  I’m about 30% into it, and I’m loving it!  I invite you to check it out!  Winslow Eliot is also an independent author, and also another Twitter buddy.

And my Twitter buddy, Melvin Luster?  He’s the author of Money, Power, and Betrayal.  I haven’t read it, but I’m promoting it for all to see.

So, to all independent authors:  Melvin’s right.  We have to promote and support each other at every opportunity.  We must make sure that readers know that there are quality books available that won’t cost an arm and a leg to read!  Well, maybe an arm…or just a couple of fingers…

Readers, we need you, too.  You’re the reason we do this, anyway.  It isn’t to make money or to be famous.  We authors write to entertain you!  So, next time you’re going to spend that twelve dollars for one just-released eBook, take that twelve dollars and buy four independent author stories.  You’ll be just as entertained, and for four times as long!  But, most of all, you have to…

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M. Bilderback)

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  1. Great blog post! I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks for the mention! =)