Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's Mighty Quiet Around Here

My apologies to all for the lack of entries for the past week or so.

It’s been an interesting several days.

First of all, I mentioned in a previous entry that If You Could Read My Mind – A Nicholas Turner Novel is in production now as an audiobook, and is being narrated by a newcomer to the T. M. Bilderback universe, Meagan Cunningham.  Welcome to Meagan, and we’re all looking forward to the finished product!

Second, the short story Gold is now an audiobook, and is in the “validation” process by the audiobook company.  It also was produced by a newcomer to the T. M. Bilderback universe:  David S. Fischer.  David lends a straightforward reading that is perfect for this story, and his voice has warmth and reassurance.  Once you hear the story, you’ll understand!

Third, the Justice Security short story, MacArthur Park, is being produced by our buddy, Patrick Peterson.  We all know Patrick, and the fun he brings to Justice Security.

Saturday In The Park – A Justice Security Short Story is open for auditions right now to available narrators.  I have one audition that I’ve heard, and it’s great!  I can’t share who auditioned yet, since an offer has been made to this narrator, but once the “ink” is dry on a contract, I’ll announce here who the narrator will be.

All of the audiobooks are available through Amazon,, or iTunes.  Please check them out, if you’re a fan!

Now, another thing that has a time limit:  All four of my current novels, If You Could Read My Mind, Mama Told Me Not To Come, Jackie Blue, and Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go are available for 99 cents each as Kindle Countdown deals.  They will remain at that price through February 7, 2014 at 8:00 AM Pacific Time.  It seems weird having the novels priced the same as the short stories, but the advantage is yours!  Don’t let it slip by!

Most of all, thanks to you, the reader, for making it all worth it!

Keep reading!

Michael  (T. M.)

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  1. I'm so proud of you, my friend. I LOVE your style of writing and KNOW how much it's 'worth'. Shea