Saturday, February 15, 2014

We Simply MUST Have Order!

Let’s have a little order around here!

I’ve often been asked about the proper order of my stories.  "Where should I start?"  "Where do the short stories come in?"

The reason I’m asked this varies, from folks, like myself, that want to watch the growth of the characters from the beginning of a series.  Others just want to fill in some stuff from the short stories that fit into the continuity of the novels.

Well, let me say this:  I try to write each story as a stand-alone story.  However, it is true that the short stories have a certain continuity that enhance the reading of the novels.  Characters from the Nicholas Turner book make appearances in the Justice Security books, and personalities from both stories will be making appearances in the Sardis County series.

So, with that in mind, here’s the order of the Nicholas Turner/Justice Security/Sardis County stories:
1      1.       If You Could Read My Mind – Nicholas Turner
        2.      Mama Told Me Not To Come – Justice Security 
        3.      Someone Saved My Life Tonight – Justice Security
        4.      Jackie Blue – Justice Security 
        5.      Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Justice Security 
        6.      Saturday In The Park – Justice Security 
       7.      Don’t Come Around Here No More – Sardis County (Should Be Available Week of 2/17/14) 
       8.      MacArthur Park – Justice Security 
      9.      The Little Drummer Boy – Justice Security 
      10.  Junior’s Farm – Sardis County (Upcoming) 
      11.  Hell’s Bells – Justice Security/Nicholas Turner (Upcoming)

There’s the order of the “series” stories.  The only reason I’ve included the first Sardis County story, Don’t Come Around Here No More, is to establish the series.  Also, in Junior’s Farm, it is established that the unnamed city that houses Nicholas Turner and Justice Security is a six-hour drive from Sardis County…close enough for occasional crossovers.  Junior’s Farm also contains characters first seen in Jackie Blue.

Now, as far as the other stories – The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald, Gold, and Hot Child In The City – all three of those are stand-alone stories, with no link at all to any series.

Well, maybe.

It could be argued that since the city in Hot Child In The City is never named, that it could maybe be in the same city…but I neither confirm nor deny that argument.  It’s up to the reader to decide.

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M.)

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