Monday, February 10, 2014

The News Is Fast And Furious

What do you do when the news is fast and furious?

First up on the teleprompter:  Hot Child In The City – A Short Story is now available as a Kindle ebook.  Here is the link to the page:

Second on the teleprompter:  Gold – A Short Story has completed the validation process with the audiobook company, and is now available for purchase at,, and iTunes.  The performance is a straightforward read by David S. Fischer, one of the newcomers to the T. M. Bilderback audiobook universe.  Here’s the link to

Third on the teleprompter:  Saturday In The Park – A Justice Security Short Story has been completed as an audiobook, and is going through the validation process with the audiobook company.  It, too, is performed by newcomer David S. Fischer, and should be finished within the week.

Number four story on the teleprompter:  MacArthur Park – A Justice Security Short Story has also been completed as an audiobook, and is also going through the validation process.  It is brought to life by our old friend, Patrick Peterson, and it will be through the process and available for sale probably within the week.

Number five on today’s teleprompter:  I have mentioned that another newcomer to the T. M. Bilderback audiobook universe, Meagan Cunningham, is performing my very first book, If You Could Read My Mind – A Nicholas Turner Novel.  She’s completed the first fifteen minutes of the story, and she has captured the nuances of the conversational portions, and the frustrated impact that life has had on Nicholas Turner.  I wrote that story from the heart, because I have a daughter, and Meagan has tuned in to that feeling, because she is a mother as well.  I think, once this audiobook is complete, you will thoroughly enjoy it!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m working on Junior’s Farm – A Tale Of Sardis County, and that I was writing it as a straight romance novel, even though it was taking place in Sardis County (Where YOU Make The Magic).

I couldn’t do it.

There will still be romance, and action, and suspense…but, I made a couple of changes in the early chapters of the book, and have taken it to the proper “Sardis County” level.  Once the first Sardis County story, Don’t Come Around Here No More – A Tale Of Sardis County, is available, perhaps you will understand what I’m saying better.

That’s all the news for now.  All I ask is that you…

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M.)

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