Saturday, May 30, 2015

What Are Your Plans For Saturday?

Happy Saturday!

What are you planning to do today? Golf? Fish? Picnic? Read?

Whatever you do today, I strongly urge you to take along a book, an eReader, a phone with reading apps installed…however you enjoy reading, make sure that you have something with you!

Unless you’re at the movies. If you’re going to see a movie, please don’t distract others with your phone, tablet, or anything else that lights up or makes annoying sounds. It ruins the experience for others.

Now, having said that, I want to say that my sweet wife and I are going to the movies today. Our choice? San Andreas. In 3D.

San Andreas looks great, and I’m a sucker for 3D movies. When we went to see the new Avengers movie a couple of weeks ago, it had to be the 3D version. Fan-TAS-tic! And today’s movie looks to be a special effects wonder!

I just want to remind you to pre-order your copy of Cow Patty – A Justice Security Novel at your favorite retailer. It’s available for pre-order at Apple, Amazon, Kobo, OmniLit, and a few others that permit pre-orders. It won’t be available at Barnes & Noble until the July 1st release day, however. Sorry. Oh, and if you just can’t wait, the paperback version is already available at Amazon and other fine online retailers. You can even order it through most independent bookstores!

Other news: I’m working on the third story in the Tales Of Sardis County series. It’s called I’m Your Boogie Man. I hope you enjoy it! And let me say this, too, about the Sardis County books: I recommend that you read the first two, and keep up with the series closely. There are things coming in later editions that will hopefully liven things up even more!

Work is also progressing on the stories that I’m writing for my new pen name. I have a short story completed, and am well into the first book of the six-volume series that will be introduced under my pen name. I’m very excited about this!

Now, I’d like to take a moment to plug my dad’s stories. He writes stories, too. He’s 77, and I encourage him to keep writing…he’s got several stories that haven’t been published yet, and I plan to keep bugging him about it! Below are links to his stories at various retailers, and two of his longer works are available in print editions.

Here are the links to the stories by my dad, T. Whitman Bilderback:

He’s also available at Inktera (Page Foundry) and the various Tolino sites. Take a look at his work – it runs the gamut from romantic literature to outrageous humor to science fiction! And Cadre is one of his best!

Okay, wrapping up for today. Going to the movies shortly, and then, back to work! As for you, I say that you need to…

Keep reading!

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