Monday, May 18, 2015

Random Thoughts From My Random Mind

Today’s blog: Random thoughts on random things.

After my announcement that I’m going to create a pen name, I was asked if it was going to be a secret name.

Well…yes and no.

I don’t plan to broadcast it to everyone, but if I’m asked, I’ll own up to it.

I mean, it’s not going to be that hard to figure out…my sweet wife will still design my eBook covers, and be given credit for them. Of course, she designs some of my dad’s covers, too…and a well-known author has shown some interest in Christi’s covers, too, so that might not be the indicator to look for.

Trust me, it’s not a big thing. Really!

I’m working on two stories at once again…one is for the new pen name, and the other is I’m Your Boogie Man – A Tale Of Sardis County.

I hope you enjoy that little tidbit of information, because I’m not going to hint about what’s coming next until it hits the pre-order stage...and, if you want to know why, I’ll tell you now:  I’ve already established that Sardis County is a six-hour drive from the unnamed Southern city that houses Justice Security and Nicholas Turner…and you can expect more appearances in Sardis County by people from that city, and that might include more visitors from the Giambinis from Jackie Blue. And that’s all I got to say about that.

My website is a great place to see all of my works in one place, with links to everywhere! It has links to all of the eBook retailers that carry my stories, and it has a link to the store at Amazon’s CreateSpace, too – they’re the ones that produce my print copies. I also have links to Gumroad and PayHip – that’s the two places you can use to purchase my eBooks directly from me! Please take a look - the link is below!

For any of my fans in China, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve teamed with a website called Fiberead. Fiberead will be translating many of my stories into Chinese, both Traditional and Simplified, and will be making them available to readers worldwide. I’m very excited about that!

Let’s see…do I have any other news…hmmm…

Okay, one more item: Some of you know that I collect comic books, right? I found a great one just the other day, from Dell Publishing. It’s Four Color #1349 – Yogi Bear Visits the U. N. It’s from 1961, and is in Very Good/Fine condition! I’m very happy about it, because, to me, the title is unusual.

{sigh} I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Digital comics are great, but I don’t see that title making a digital appearance anytime soon…sometimes, print is the way to go!

Well, that’s all I have right now – just random things to share. I hope you just…

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