Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pen Name? Huh?

I’ve decided to launch a pen name.

It isn’t because I want to hide behind an unknown name. It isn’t that I’m ashamed of the stories that I want to appear under the pen name.

It’s much simpler than that.

I want a name that I can use for stories that aren’t named after song titles.

[Chuckle} I know, I was going to do that before with Empty Eyes, and I let my dad talk me out of it. Rest assured, if a sequel ever bursts forth for that novel, I’ll publish it under my own name. As for my “can’t-quite-categorize-my-short-stories”, if I run across one that is inspired by a classic song, it will also pop up under my own name.

But I want another name.

I want one that I can use for one-time-only stories. I want one for stories that may not be part of a series, and that will stand on their own merits. I want one that I can use for stories that might not be what I normally write. I want one that I don't feel obligated to use a song title as the story title.

I understand why some authors use pen names.

Perhaps the author doesn’t want readers to know the real person behind the stories. Or maybe they’re afraid of retaliation by some crazed fan. Or crazed reviewer. Or crazed publisher.

Perhaps, like me, they want to write stories that aren’t tied to what they normally write, so they use pen names for the additional stories.

Perhaps the author is so prolific that he/she can’t possibly publish everything under their own name, but that situation is more related to traditional publishing than independent publishing.

Or, maybe they’re embarrassed by the type of story they’re writing. For instance, a man writing a romance novel might sell better if he uses a female pen name…but he might also be embarrassed by the fact.

Oh, and for the record: I can’t write a straight romance novel, so that isn’t the reason. I tried with Junior’s Farm, and we all saw what a left turn that turned out to be…{snicker}

So, I’m writing a short story right now. It’s going to be the first story under this new pen name, because no matter how hard I try, I can’t find a way to assign a song title to it. Not one that I want to give up, anyway…some song titles I jealously avoid using outside of my two current series. There is one, however…but I need it for Sardis County.

So, when I’m done with this short story, I’ll publish it under the new pen name in the hopes that it does well on its own. I’ll follow it with other stories (and one whopper of a series) later on.

Meanwhile, I ask that you pick up a copy of the new Justice Security novel, Jim Dandy. It’s available everywhere. And, while you’re at it, pre-order your copy of the next Justice Security novel, Cow Patty. I promise you’ll have lots of fun with both!

And, as always,

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