Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jim Dandy

I’m getting excited!

The release date for the eBook Jim Dandy – A Justice Security Novel is getting closer, and I can’t wait for fans of the Justice Security series to get their hands on this one!

Of course, the paperback is already available, if you can’t wait…LOL

This time, Esteban Fernandez is only background. Money coming from him in the form of a payoff to a high-ranking, powerful member of the U. S. Government is the basis for the story. Clues are accidentally found by a bank branch manager in a small town in Oregon. He realizes that knowing about this information is a death warrant, so he mails it off to a friend in the city. This friend has his own security company.

The friend is Jim Dandy, the main competitor of Justice Security.

Jim quickly discovers that the information he holds is deadly, and that he needs help finding out who is killing off people that know about it. He decides to bury the hatchet in his long-standing feud with Joey Justice, and enlists their help. Things escalate quickly after that, and become even more deadly.

I’m excited about this book, because it sends Justice Security into a new direction. It lays a foundation for upcoming events, and teases you about things that are upcoming in this series, much like Mama Told Me Not To Come teased you about things to come…and they’re still coming! Events hinted at in both of these books will play out in future volumes.

The release date for Jim Dandy is May 1st. You can preorder Jim Dandy at Amazon, Apple, Google, Kobo, and other online retailers.

The book won’t be listed at Barnes & Noble until release day.

I strongly urge you to preorder Jim Dandy. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Here’s a peek at the cover, in case you haven’t seen it:

Coming up in a few days:  a sneak peek at the cover for Cow Patty – A Justice Security Novel. Stay tuned!

Mostly, I’d just like for you to…

Keep reading!

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