Sunday, September 22, 2013

"I Don't Know How To Be A Writer" Part 2

Yesterday, we talked about how to get started writing.  Today, the comment we're addressing is:  "What if people don't like what I write?"

The answer for that is simple:  Who cares?

Most writers will tell you that they aren't writing stories to please others.  They're writing for two reasons:

   1.  To get it out of their system.  I often find that when I'm writing something, I don't sleep well until it's finished.  For me, this is common.  Once I've finished a particular story, I sleep fairly well...until I start concentrating on the next one.

   2.  To please themselves.  I appreciate every fan I have, and I appreciate every single person that shells out hard-earned nickels and pennies to pay for my writing...but, I didn't write it for you.  I wrote it for me.  I like every story that I've written, no matter how violent, how creepy, or how offensive others may find it.  I didn't write any of them for others, although I'm happy that others have enjoyed what I have written.

Now, a codicil to what I've just said:  I have toned down language or lightened a situation or two when the story was aimed for possible publication in a magazine, or something along those lines.  That is acceptable, when it's possible that minors could pick up the story and read it, etc.  But, when you pay money for something I've written, you get it  just the way I wrote it.  In that case, it isn't my responsibility to monitor what you read, or what ideas you subscribe to - that's your business, not mine.  I do not believe in censorship, and if you pays your money, you takes your chances.

So, when you put pen to paper, or, nowadays, type on your computer screen, write long as it pleases you.  Everything else is icing on the cake.

As always, pick up a book...and read!

Michael  (T. M.) 

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