Thursday, May 11, 2017

Upchucking...I Mean, Up-And-Coming

Two stories are now available for your pre-order joy!

First up is Eli’s Coming – A Short Story. Here’s the synopsis…or blurb, if you prefer:

“You must hide your heart. Eli’s coming,” said the mysterious vendor to Gretchen Cantrell.

Gretchen dismisses this warning, and, later, she is murdered.

Gretchen’s friends, Stu Phillips and Cindy Frasier, become embroiled in the death of their friend.

And when the mysterious vendor appears to the two friends and gives them the same advice, that advice turns into a very public fight with a demon…a demon that lives on burning heartache.

Will Cindy and Stu defeat the demon, or will the demon feed once more? Find out in T. M. Bilderback’s Eli’s Coming!

Not much else that I can say about this story. It goes live on May 31st, 2017, and is available for pre-order from your favorite eBook retailer.

Also available for pre-order from your favorite eBook retailer is Hell’s Bells – A Justice Security Novel. Here’s the synopsis for it:

Thirty seven children, along with their bus driver, have been kidnapped on their way to school. They’ve been hidden away in a location known only to the kidnappers, and booby-trapped so that explosives will go off at 5 PM, unless the kidnappers receive their demands.

What they want is simple: Joey Justice. They want to trade Joey to Esteban Fernandez for the bounty, and they’ll kill the children unless it happens.

The city’s FBI chief, Marcus Moore, orders Justice Security to call in a specialist in child abduction cases to help find the children…Nicholas Turner. Marcus also knows that Nicholas will bring his secret weapon along with him – his half-angel daughter, Madeline.

Justice Security finds the kidnappers with plenty of time to save the children. But, when an unfortunate accident kills the kidnappers before the location of the children can be revealed, all seems lost.

However, Joey comes up with a solution that only Madeline can help them with.

Why not go to Hell and ask the kidnappers?

Going to Hell is dangerous, and there’s always a mortally high price to pay when someone starts ringing Hell’s Bells.

Who lives? Who dies? Find out what happens when Justice Security goes to Hell in the eleventh Justice Security story from T. M. Bilderback – Hell’s Bells!

This story, I hope, will grab your heart, wrench out a few tears, and make you think about your life…and its shortness.

It goes live on July 31st. I hope you’ll reserve yours soon.

Current stories in the works include the new Sardis County story, I’m Your Boogie Man. It will be released this year, but I can’t be certain when.

Also coming soon is a pen name story, which I can’t talk about…besides being something kinda different, it’s also coming out under a pen name. Can’t give that away, either.

Other stories in the works? Escape (Justice Security), Black Dog (Justice Security), Werewolves Of London (Sardis County), and a possible sequel to Empty Eyes. There may even be a couple of short stories left in me…we’ll see.

I hope you enjoy all of these, and I truly appreciate my readers.

Most of all, please…

Keep reading!

T. M. Bilderback (But you can call me Michael)

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