Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Is Full Time A Dream?

I wonder what it’s like to write full time.

I would love to be able to do it. But, I face the same conundrum that many authors face: the need to make enough money to support the writing.

I have twenty-seven titles available at Amazon. I have just put up the eleventh entry into the Justice Security series, and I’m working on the fourth entry in the Sardis County series. I have another Justice Security story started, along with two stories that aren’t really anything yet, but one could be for a new pen name.

And I can’t seem to get them done as quickly as I'd like.

So far this year, I’ve published three short stories and one novel, and I should have at least one more novel ready to go before the end of the year.

The job I love is storytelling. I enjoy every word that I write. I’ve taken out frustrations with my stories, and I’ve gotten my private revenge with many of the characters that have met violent ends. I like coming up with situational jokes, and things that give the reader insight into a character. I like entertaining the reader for thirty minutes, or an hour, or several hours.

It makes me happy.

I wish that I could do it full time. I certainly would have much more output, and you, the reader, might benefit from the new stuff that I would be able to write.

But, not quite yet.

I still have to stumble along, and write a few words here and there each day.

But…maybe…someday...I’ll get the chance.

And I will blow you away with what I come up with.

That’s a promise!


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