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The OTHER Shoe Is Dropping

I wrote the other day about the new Justice Security novel, and the fact that it was a team-up between Justice Security and J. A. Konrath’s Jack Daniels. The title is The Night Chicago Died – A Jack Daniels/Justice Security Novel. It can be found in the new Kindle World, Jack Daniels And Associates, which tells you all about how to create your own story in the Jack Daniels universe. You can click the title of the story above, and it will take you straight to the book’s page on Amazon.

The story is pretty interesting, if I do say so myself. Justice Security’s mortal enemy, Esteban Fernandez, tries to take over Chicago’s drug business by eliminating the competition. Lieutenant Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels and her partner, Herb Benedict, are covering the murders when they find out that Fernandez is behind it. Word gets to Justice Security, and Joey and company, along with FBI liaison Marcus Moore, take over the investigation…and Jack and Herb…under the umbrella of National Security. What follows is a romp that is dangerous, action-packed, and, at times, funny. What happens when Joey Justice and Jack Daniels get into an argument over who should go first into a suspect’s apartment is just one example of the action-type fun that is waiting for you inside this one! Please check it out!

It is Amazon-exclusive, and I apologize for that to all of my readers that use other reading devices. But, as one of the premier entries for Joe Konrath’s new Kindle World, it had to be!

Now for the other shoe. Available NOW for pre-order, ahead of its May 1st release, is the next entry in the Justice Security series, Jim Dandy – A Justice Security Novel. This picks up soon after the end of The Night Chicago Died. And, you guessed it: the novel is about Justice Security’s competitor, Jim Dandy!

Here’s the synopsis:

“In the small town of Tucker’s Corner, Oregon, a bank manager is killed because he found some information about payoffs from Esteban Fernandez to a very high-level member of the United States Government. The banker had time to mail out three copies of this dangerous information before he died.

He mailed a copy to himself.

He mailed a copy to his ex-wife.

And he mailed a copy to his old friend in the city…a man that has a security company that bears his name.

The banker mailed the information to Jim Dandy Security.

Two of the three recipients of the information are dead, and so is the Tucker’s Corner Postmaster.

Jim quickly finds out that this information is deadly, and he finds that he’s in way over his head. He calls in some favors from his competition.

This time, it isn’t Jim Dandy to the rescue. It’s Justice Security, and the situation has never been deadlier.

Inspired by the hit song by Black Oak Arkansas, and filled with seat-of-your-pants thrills, “Jim Dandy” brings danger and action to Justice Security…and to you!”

In this story, Fernandez is not featured. After the end of the Chicago story, well...let's just say he isn't featured. This story features a major, powerful force that has enough power to order…well, you’ll just have to read the story to find out! But, I promise you that this one has real edge-of-your-seat excitement, and some unexpected developments…along with some major hints of what’s coming up.

Jim Dandy – A Justice Security Novel is available for pre-order from several places that are linked below:

When the novel is released on May 1st, there will also be a print version, and the eBook will be available at Barnes & Noble, DriveThruFiction, Page Foundry, and Scribd…and several other places that offer eBooks!

Here’s the cover:

Following the May 1st release of Jim Dandy, the pre-order for the next entry in the Justice Security series will go up…and the release date for it will be on July 1st. The title is Cow Patty – A Justice Security Novel. But I’m not telling you anything about that one.

The plan for this year is to release a novel every two months. I believe it can be done…for you, kind reader. At least three Justice Security novels will be out, and quite likely the next entry in the Tales Of Sardis County series. After that, it’s anyone’s guess…including mine!

So, enjoy these novels as they come out! Check out The Night Chicago Died, pre-order Jim Dandy, and get ready for Cow Patty and I’m Your Boogie Man! I’ll try not to disappoint you!

Mostly, please…

Keep reading!

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