Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"The Night Chicago Died" Is Available NOW

I promised it today.

And today I deliver what I promised.

Last summer, I told you about the “Secret Justice Security Story”, and about how quickly it came to be.

Now, the secret is out.

If you’ll click on the book title, you’ll be taken to that book’s page. If you click on the World Of J. A. Konrath, you’ll see all of the titles in the Jack Daniels And Associates Kindle World.

Now, these stories are, of course, Amazon-exclusive. But they’re well worth it!

The Night Chicago Died is story number eight in the Justice Security world. Here’s the synopsis:

“It’s November in Chicago. Fresh from their encounter with the Gingerbread Man, four drug-related murders, seemingly unrelated to each other, bring Lieutenant Jaqueline “Jack” Daniels and her partner, Herb Benedict, out into the snowy night. They appear to be run-of-the-mill drug deals gone bad…until witnesses at one of the crime scenes report that they saw the shooting. And they have overheard the name of the killer: Esteban Fernandez.

Jack and the Chicago PD notify the Federal authorities, thanks to a new Federal APB on Fernandez. Fernandez has been declared a threat to National Security, and all movements are to be reported.

Justice Security has been given a government contract: find Esteban Fernandez and stop him. Bring him in for trial if possible, but stop him. When word reaches them that Fernandez is in Chicago, Joey Justice, his partners, and their FBI liaison, Marcus Moore, move quickly to the Windy City, and they take over the investigation.

They also take over Jack Daniels and Herb Benedict, and draft them into the biggest crime case in Chicago’s history…a crime case that Jack will never be allowed to talk about.

Action, humor, and even a two-night-stand for Jack…find out what happens when Jack Daniels and Justice Security take on insane Mexican drug cartel leader, Esteban Fernandez, in the novel inspired by the classic song by Paper Lace, “The Night Chicago Died”! Chicago will never be the same…”

Please note that this story takes place after MacArthur Park and just before The Little Drummer Boy in Justice Security continuity.

In the Jack Daniels continuity, it takes place immediately after Whisky Sour.

And here’s the cover:

I certainly hope you enjoy the story!

My thanks to Joe Konrath, who made this story possible. If we couldn’t co-write, this is the next best thing!

So, for you, the reader…

Keep reading!

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