Friday, January 17, 2014

You're History!

Have you ever given any thought as to what you’ll leave for your mark on the world?

The famous western writer, Louis L’Amour, said in more than one novel, “Stick your finger in the water and pull it back out.  That’s how big a mark you’ll leave.”

I used to think that was true.

Then, I discovered that I like to write.

I write stories…all fiction, of course.  And I hope that my stories will continue to entertain readers long after I’ve left this earth.

Have you noticed, that with only a few exceptions, artists are remembered long after history has forgotten almost everyone else?  And by artists, I mean writers, painters, sculptors, and singers.

Leonardo da Vinci is remembered today for his numerous paintings and inventions.  Who was his next-door neighbor?  The mayor of the city he lived in?  How about his country’s leader?

Nobody knows, and nobody really cares.

What is remembered about da Vinci is his wonderful paintings…small pieces of pleasant beauty from his time on earth.  He will always be remembered.

Another artist – this one a writer – is William Shakespeare.  The numerous plays he wrote are still being enjoyed and analyzed today.  Colleges and universities across  the world are looking for hidden meanings in every word of his writing…and, if the truth be told, Shakespeare was a hack, writing only to earn money to feed himself and his band of actors.  His plays were probably written only to spoof current political and social climates.  His acting troupe were most likely the SNL players of his time.

But he’s remembered.

I hope that I live long enough to add another fifty or so titles to my bibliography.  I have notes and ideas for that many, if not a few more…so I’ll keep writing.  And writing.  And writing.

And I hope that my writing will be remembered.

And, I hope that it still entertains readers a hundred years into the future.  That’s the most a person can hope for.

Keep reading!

Michael (T. M.)

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