Friday, February 24, 2017

Falling Darkness?

I hope you’ve enjoyed the third entry in the series Tales Of Sardis County. I had fun writing The Devil’s In The Details.

What? You haven’t read it yet? Are you serious?

Then stop, find, and read. Or listen, since it’s also an audiobook available from Audible. I think you’ll have a blast!

Coming up on March 31st is the release of Heart Of Glass, the sequel to The Lion Sleeps Tonight and featuring another adventure from the quite colorful Colonel Quentin James Abernathy (ret.). This time, the Colonel relates the story of the World War II love of his life, and ties in with the Library Of Alexandria. It’s available for pre-order now, so if you want to be sure to have it on the release date, please set up your order now! And, again, there will be an audiobook timed to release close to the eBook release date, performed again by Phillip J. Mather.

Another pre-order has been set up for the story Eli’s Coming. It’s set for release on May 31st. I urge you to get your pre-order in now!

Coming this year, also, is the July 31st release of Hell’s Bells – A Justice Security Novel. This is the story that has been three years in the making, and the one that finally pulls Nicholas Turner into the Justice Security world…and, where Nicholas goes, so goes Madeline.

One of the biggest rules I’ve had for myself in any series that I write is this: No character is safe! Any character, at any time, could be maimed or otherwise injured to the point of no return…or killed. Any character could be pulled into the darkness.

In Hell’s Bells, darkness falls, and it falls hard.

At least one major character departs the Nicholas Turner/Justice Security world in this novel…possibly more than one.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

Now, think about all the characters in the fictional city that is called home by Nicholas Turner and Justice Security. At least one major character gives all, and goes into the darkness in this story.

The Justice Security stories have gotten darker with each entry. They have been leading up to a finish that no one expects. This is the beginning of it.

While there may be a couple of side trips along the way, the next few Justice Security stories will march Joey Justice and the gang (whoever the gang may be) right along to the big finish. It’s several stories into the future, and may take a bit of time to get there, but it’s coming.

Now, for news in the Tales Of Sardis County world, I’m hoping to have completed I’m Your Boogie Man – A Tale Of Sardis County in time for a September 30th release. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sardis County will also become a bit more entwined into the world of Justice Security, too…just a heads-up for you on that.

Lots of things coming up in the T. M. Bilderback universe for you, friend Reader…as long as you…

Keep reading!

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  1. Will it end with The Spanish Inquisition? Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition.